Monstera (no. 4)

$ 450.00 MXN

Monstera fruit and leaves | Sacred ear flower | White datura | Bull horn orchid

Lush | Crunchy leaf | Jungle | Jade 


Monstera is inspired by the jungle, the green leaves of the monstera deliciosa plant, the narcotic perfume of the datura flower, the subtle and magnetic honey of the torito orchid, and the smell of moss over exotic woods.

Monstera is astonishingly juicy and lush, like a leaf that has been snapped open, allowing droplets of the plant juice to seep out. Supported by a damp earth accord, bitter moss, and the sharpness of a pineapple-like note from the monstera fruit, embraced by a creamy white floral tone, with a hint of bitter cocoa and vanilla. Technically impressive !


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