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Xinú documents and pays homage to the visual and olfactory vastness of the America's botany.

Aguamadera (no. 1)

Agave | Green Lime | Guaiac wood | Cedarwood

Translucent | Fresh | Refined | Chiaroscuro


Aguamadera is a fragrance based on the scent of agave.

The mezcal theme is explored with a lime note up top, a hit of salt with an outdoorsy freshness that recalls of sea air merging with incredible woody notes that provide the counterbalance of the scent.

Guaiac wood gives the scent the smokey agave spirit of mezcal, and cedarwood a cozy warmth. The woods are creamy, which works remarkably well against the sharp salt and citrus notes.

Aguamadera (no. 1) Bundle

Aguamadera 50 ml / 1.7 oz + Signed limited edition engraving 

Strong and refined, Aguamadera (No.1) is a scent that feels close to the heart, reminiscent of the sea breeze with incredible woody notes. Just as a fresh caress from Mother Nature.

Copper Engraving (Mixed Etching & Drypoint) on paper, 14 cm x 21.5 cm.

Bouquet Engraving
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Bouquet Engraving

Bouquet Engraving 

Signed limited edition flower bouquet engraving, be-spoke for Xinú Perfumes by illustrator Rene Tapia, inspired by the aromatic botany that connects us to Mother Nature and our perfume collection.

Copper Engraving (Mixed Etching & Drypoint) on paper, 14 cm x 21.5 cm.
BrisadeMaderas Incense

Soothing | Fresh | Velvety | Warm

Sea Breeze accord | Cedar | Vetiver | Captive Musks


Hand Rolled, Incense sticks 15pcs (14cm / 5.5 in).

Collection Kit (Discovery Set)

Our complete first collection of 5 perfumes for your sensorial delight.

The Collection kit contains:

  • Aguamadera Xinú No.1
  • Copála Xinú No. 2
  • UMMO Xinú No. 3
  • Monstera Xinú No. 4
  • Oronardo Xinú No. 5

5 x 4.5ml Dropper

One 100% natural wool bag

5 paper blotters describing each perfume.

Copála (no. 2)


Pink pepper | Copal resin | Mesquite wood | Mexican vanilla beans

Mystic | Intriguing | Woody | Endless


Copála is an immersion to the mystic approach around the copal resin.

The smoky mesquite woods contrasting the subtle powdery vanilla, underlined by a sharp pink pepper note to endure the smooth sweetness of golden copal. An endless rendition, a sensory devotion.

Copála (no. 2) Bundle

Copála 50 ml / 1.7 oz + Signed limited edition engraving. 

Copála (No.2) is the aroma of rich mezquite woods in contrast with subtle powdery vanilla, underlined by sharp pink pepper notes. An endless rendition to our roots and an honest connection to Mother Nature. 

Copper Engraving (Mixed Etching & Drypoint) on paper, 14 cm x 21.5 cm.

FlordeMusgo 500 ml / 16 oz (Hand Cream)

Capacity: 500ml. / 16 oz.


Radiant Lime oil │ Soft Tuberose petals │Enigmatic Moss extract │ Deep Cedarwood oil

FlordeMusgo hand cream will deliver a multi-sensorial embrace.

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